What is a Wrap?

A wrap is a way to transform your vehicle into a moving billboard. Picture This Wraps and Graphics uses only premium vinyl, which conforms to the curves of your vehicle, making it seem as though your graphics are seamlessly painted on. The use of digital graphics preparation means that any color, pattern, and design, is available without adding extra costs to the wrapping process. The limit is only your imagination. A wrap can cover virtually 100% of the vehicle’s surface (including window surfaces), or any partial percentage (like a hood, doors, etc.) depending on your preference and budget.

  • Wraps are a fun and cost effective way to stand out from the competition while driving more sales.

  • Market to thousands of potential customers every time the vehicle is on the road. 95% of Americans respond to media found on vehicles

  • Transform nearly any surface (including cement walls, flooring, and windows) into an attractive branding opportunity with some real POP.

Wrap in Steps

  • Step 1

    Call us at 504.684.1114 or email info@picturethisad.com send us an email with your design concept, along with the graphics your needs.

  • Step 2

    Art Interview- If you don't have a design concept in mind, our experienced staff is more than happy to help guide you. We provide free consultation and several design mockups for each job to ensure you get what you need.

  • Step 3

    Collect deposit- We collect a 50% deposit down with the remaining balance due upon completion.

  • Step 4

    Collect or Create Logo- A wrap should have a logo. We can create one if required.

  • Step 5

    Designer Provides- 1st Digital Mockup over email.

  • Step 6

    Feedback- up tp 5 rounds of revision, with no extra charge!

  • Step 7

    Sign & Schedule- Sign wrap authorization sheet and schedule installation date.

  • Step 8

    Sponsor Washes Vehicle- Hand wash 24 hours before you drop-off. (no wax)

  • Step 9

    Installation- We install the wrap on the vehicle.

  • Step 10

    Pick-Up- Customer picks up vehicle and is thrilled!

  • Step 11

    Customer is a Fan- Customer becomes a fan and tell others about Team Picture this.

  • Step 12

    Fan Gets Call- Fan gets phone calls from their awesome wrap! Watches business grow.

Other Services

  • Custom
  • Full Custom
  • Installation

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