Window Graphics

Transform your windows into stunning visuals that turn onlookers into shoppers. With so many graphic solutions for your windows available, we can definitely help you find one fit your style and budget.

  •   Perforated Window Graphics

    By far the most popular medium for window graphics is perforated window film, more commonly known as “window perf.” Window perf vinyl is produced by punching out approximately half of the material in a consistent pattern of holes. Graphics are printed on the front side and the adhesive backside is darker in color, allowing you to easily see out through the graphic but not in. Custom printed window perf is generally our go-to for most window coverage options and can be used on both vehicles and store fronts.

  •   Die-Cut Decals

    Decals can be custom cut to your unique specifications using either solid color vinyl or digitally printed graphics and are a great way to put important information on the windows. They are typically used on entrance doors to show the business name along, address, and hours of operation. Decals do not offer you transparency but generally cover little surface area, making them one of the least expensive options for window coverage.

  •   Clear Window Decals

    This window coverage offers you the ability to print graphics onto almost completely transparent film. The colors are printed in high-density ink onto transparent vinyl with clear permanent adhesive on the back, making them appear a bit opaque. The color white does not print, so any white areas in these graphics would appear clear as though it’s not printed.

  •   Window Clings

    Window clings are the easiest option to put up and remove and are also reusable. These are most common in groceries and convenience stores for Point of Purchase displays. The material has a backside-only static cling that holds the graphics in place without any use of adhesive.

  •   Solid Vinyl

    Solid vinyl graphics with backside adhesive provides the most brilliant graphic effects of all the window graphics options. This vinyl is not at all transparent, which helps block out the sun and keep your inside temperature cooler. These solid vinyl graphics are printed and then laminated in order protect it against outdoor elements and extend its lifespan. We can help you find a vinyl solution that fits both your graphic needs and budget. Rest easy knowing that even the least costly calendared vinyl will have an average lifespan of 3-4 years.

  •   Window Etching

    Window etching, sometimes called frosted window graphics, adds a professional and elegant look to any environment. This material can be custom cut to any shape, be plain or printed, and is an ideal solution when privacy is needed. With etching looks ranging from finely dusted to deeply frosted, we can find one to suit your project. Please note that some variations of this material are not completely transparent and can be slightly visible when installed in certain elements.

  •   Interior Wall Wraps

    Interior wall wraps can help you easily transform a room in your home, inspire your employees, and wow your clients. Since interior spaces are seldom exposed to harsh outdoor elements, wall wraps can give your room a facelift at a lower cost with longer-lasting capabilities. They are a great option for residential and commercial spaces.

  •   Di-Noc Architectural Finishes

    Picture This Wraps and Graphics is proud to be one of the only 3M™ Di-Noc certified companies in Louisiana.

    3M™ Di-Noc architectural films are a fairly new and versatile material that utilizes self-adhesive laminated vinyl that provides a completely new look and feel to nearly any surface, flat or curved. 3M™’s ever-growing Di-Noc lineup currently offers well over 1,000 patterns ranging from woods, metals, and leather to marble and carbon finishes, so you are sure to find something perfect for your project.

    Using Di-Noc allows our clients to refinish older architectural elements and extend their life inexpensively. Di-Noc applications can usually be completed quickly on-site so as not to interfere with normal business operations. With its many benefits, it’s no wonder that architectural films are the fastest-growing portions of the vinyl wrap industry.

  •   Exterior Wall Wraps

    Want to really jazz things up and attract attention to your business? Exterior wall wraps do just that – and in a big way! Exterior wall surfaces can be anything from corrugated metal to brick, but the Picture This Wraps and Graphics Team has the expertise to find a wrap solution to suit your unique needs.

    Since most exterior surfaces are rough to the touch, applying vinyl graphics can be a challenge. Our certified installers are trained to properly handle almost any surface you’d like covered. We take the time to ensure the best materials, tools, and techniques are used on your project so your finished product will knock your socks off.

  •   Aluminum Panels

    Aluminum panels are a strong, lightweight, and cost-effective material option available in full color graphics. Our aluminum signs are made of dual .008″ aluminum panels combined with a solid polyethylene core. They are a long lasting, durable solution to many businesses signage needs.

    Our custom aluminum signs can range from small to very large by combining several panels to work as one display. Full-sized panels are usually 8′ x 4′ and are available in custom-cut shapes to add that extra “pop” to your display.