Wrap Industry Secrets

There are some things in the wrap industry that some wrap shops just do not want you to know. Picture This Wraps and Graphics wants to be completely open with our clients so we are here to reveal some of those wrap industry secrets!

1. Many companies do not respond to requests for quotes

A couple of months ago I called 5 companies and of the 5, not a single one sent me a quote. Now, a couple did give me a price range and promise to give me a proper quote but, even after a month and a couple of follow-ups I did not receive anything. 
If a company can not get back to you about quoting their job, it is a little hard to imagine they will be responsive in other aspects of doing business with you. At Picture This Wraps and Graphics, it is important to us that if we promise you a quote, you get a quote! 

2. One Quote does not fit all!

Wraps are custom just for your vehicle so many times when you visit a website, you will not find wrap pricing! We price your wrap on many different variables including whether you get a printed wrap or a solid color, if you need a design, the complexity of your vehicle, the needed coverage, and several other factors. For this reason, we cannot list our prices on the website. If you are ready to get started on your wrap, give us a call so we can get you a proper quote!

3. Your wrap will not look the same in 10 years

If you are getting your wrap from us, you probably live in the South! That means your vehicle gets a lot of sun during the day. Your vertical surfaces get less sun than the horizontal surfaces of the vehicle and because of this, your graphics will fade quicker. That being said, your graphics should still last several years! 

4. Not all vinyl brands are the same!

We use mainly 3M brand vinyl as we find it to be the best of the best! With so many brands of vinyl out there you really want to make sure that you know what your wrap shop is using on your vehicle. If they are not using a reputable brand of vinyl it could fail or worse, ruin your underlying paint job! 

5. Laminating your wrap will save you money in the long run

While you could initially save a little bit of money by asking us not to laminate your wrap before installation, you will have to spend more money in the long run! Lamination helps protect against UV rays and scratches. Without laminating your wrap, your graphics become more susceptible to damage and need to be replaced MUCH sooner! We laminate all of our prints before installation so they look good as long as possible

Partial Van Wrap- Dante Ultimate Cleaning

New partial van wrap for the ever professional Dante Ultimate Cleaning of New Orleans. Another amazing example of a partial wrap with a HUGE impact! Here at Picture This Advertising, we love working with professionals trying to grow their business!

Dante ultimate cleaning partial van wrap
Dante ultimate cleaning partial van wrap
Contact Dante @ 504.881.4858 for all your professional cleaning needs.

Moving Billboards- Why are they more effective?

It is hard to know how long advertising has really been around. However, we do know for sure that it was around in ancient Egypt to make sure new laws were publicized. Then with the invention of the printing press and beyond, advertising has only improved and gained popularity. Now, we have ads everywhere, from our computers to our streets, and in more recent years, ads have become more interesting than ever. Along the side of most major highways and interstates, you see billboards. These change infrequently and are easy to forget. With the influx of advertisement, having a forgettable sign, is just a waste of money. People need variety and stimulation with marketing and you only have about 5-10 seconds to grab the attention of your consumer. So, when a billboard can be passed by in that amount of time, what is there to do? Moving Billboards.

Vehicle wraps, trailer wraps, and large decals, depending on your budget, can have a tremendous impact on the consumer! Studies show 95% of Americans respond to media found on vehicles and that a wrap generates about 2,520 impressions per dollar spent on it. Depending on where you drive, a wrap can generate between 30,000 and 70,000 impressions. In addition to that 29% of consumers say they make purchases based on graphics they remember. On top of all that 97% of Americans remember ads placed on vehicles as opposed to 20% of people that remember ads placed on billboards. That is an astonishing 77% increase! We want to make sure you get the most impact for your dollar, please give us a call and let us help you grow your business.

We know you have more questions and we are happy to answer them. Here are a few of our Frequently Asked Questions

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professional heating and air wrap
professional heating and air wrap