Wrap Industry Secrets

There are some things in the wrap industry that some wrap shops just do not want you to know. Picture This Wraps and Graphics wants to be completely open with our clients so we are here to reveal some of those wrap industry secrets!

1. Many companies do not respond to requests for quotes

A couple of months ago I called 5 companies and of the 5, not a single one sent me a quote. Now, a couple did give me a price range and promise to give me a proper quote but, even after a month and a couple of follow-ups I did not receive anything. 
If a company can not get back to you about quoting their job, it is a little hard to imagine they will be responsive in other aspects of doing business with you. At Picture This Wraps and Graphics, it is important to us that if we promise you a quote, you get a quote! 

2. One Quote does not fit all!

Wraps are custom just for your vehicle so many times when you visit a website, you will not find wrap pricing! We price your wrap on many different variables including whether you get a printed wrap or a solid color, if you need a design, the complexity of your vehicle, the needed coverage, and several other factors. For this reason, we cannot list our prices on the website. If you are ready to get started on your wrap, give us a call so we can get you a proper quote!

3. Your wrap will not look the same in 10 years

If you are getting your wrap from us, you probably live in the South! That means your vehicle gets a lot of sun during the day. Your vertical surfaces get less sun than the horizontal surfaces of the vehicle and because of this, your graphics will fade quicker. That being said, your graphics should still last several years! 

4. Not all vinyl brands are the same!

We use mainly 3M brand vinyl as we find it to be the best of the best! With so many brands of vinyl out there you really want to make sure that you know what your wrap shop is using on your vehicle. If they are not using a reputable brand of vinyl it could fail or worse, ruin your underlying paint job! 

5. Laminating your wrap will save you money in the long run

While you could initially save a little bit of money by asking us not to laminate your wrap before installation, you will have to spend more money in the long run! Lamination helps protect against UV rays and scratches. Without laminating your wrap, your graphics become more susceptible to damage and need to be replaced MUCH sooner! We laminate all of our prints before installation so they look good as long as possible

Our Design Process

One question we get asked all the time is how our design process works. This post should give clients a quick glance into our design process so they know what they are getting into before they even call us!

Here at Picture This, one thing we really pride ourselves on is the quality we provide. As one of only two 3M certified shops in Louisiana, we go out of our way to prove to our customers that we really are the best! We believe that your design is almost more important than the quality of the install. After all, a bad design with the best install in the world, still will be a bad design. Because of this we have some steps we like to go through to make sure your design is what you want. That being said, we never want to just be “yes men” If we feel a design element is overshadowing something far more important, we will make sure that we speak up!
Now to what you came here for, the steps in our design process!

  1. Art Meeting
    We like to have a meeting with our clients, either over the phone or better yet- in person! This allows us to get a feel for the company in all aspects, your culture, the type of clientele, the main focus, and so much more. We can also show you other wrap designs we have done in the past to find out if you like more of the traditional advertising methods or if you want us to jazz it up!
  2. First Mock-up
    Our designer will then provide you with your first mock-up. From here, you tell us what you like and don’t like about the design. Did you want your logo bigger? Did you want your phone number in a different area? We can do that! Our designer will take your notes and create a new mock-up for you. But, here we need to circle back to the not being a “Yes Man” comment mentioned earlier. As an experienced wrap company, we know what elements will get your phone ringing and which will just distract clients. We want you to get the design you want, but we also want it to bring a return on your investment! Ultimately, you make the decision, we will just offer guidance.
  3. Revisions and Approval
    You will receive revisions with the changes you asked for. Once you pick one, a team member here will send over a Wrap Sign-Off Sheet and you officially approve the mock-up so we can schedule your install
  4. Install and Awe
    Lastly, you drop off your vehicle and we bring the design to life! When you pick it up we want you to be in awe of the difference it will make!

Ready to get started on your vehicle wrap journey and start utilizing the most cost effective advertising medium available? Give us a call now! (504)684-1114 and let us get your phone ringing!