Pop Up A Frames


This light weight Flip-Flop is another new and innovative advertising product and comes in three configurations. 3ft wide 6 ft wide and 8ft wide.

47” x 20” : 80” x 35” : 108” x 43”

Here are just a few of the fantastic Flip-flop uses: Restaurant, Golfing events, Sporting events, Car Dealerships, Races, Festivals, Parades, Product Demo, Trade shows, Retail Kiosks, Sports Teams, Tournaments, Triathlons, Open Houses, In Store Promotions, Store Front Promotions, Train Stations, Universities, Colleges, Trade Schools, Real Estate and so much more. Our Flip-Flop like our other products, is easy to use, collapsible for easy storage and flexible to go where you want and how you want.