Importance of Design

We all know that a striking design will bring your brand up a notch or two, but did you know that it is the most important aspect of your wrap?

A great installation cannot fix a non-functional design! If your design does not clearly show what your brand is, no matter how amazing the installation is, your wrap will not be effective. If you have a design that is too busy or is difficult to read, your target audience will be unable to understand your message making it incredibly ineffective.

Picture This employs a program that allows you as our client to have open communication with our entire team, including our in-house designer. We believe this will allow you to have the full benefit of the knowledge of our team to get you the best wrap for your target audience!

Reasons we love this design:
-Easily Identifiable Brand
-Even after a quick glance, you’ve seen the name and what they do
-Not too busy that it is distracting
-Takes advantage of captive audience space(back of van for traffic lights)
-Easy to read phone number

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