Boat Wrap

This is our most recent Boat Wrap and we absolutely love the way it came out! We did this wrap for Premier South Roofing. As with all of our wraps, we went through our process of first quoting the job. Then, upon approval and a deposit from the client, we get a mock-up, or digital proof of the design, ready for our client. Usually, we have to go through at least one round of revisions to get the exact look our client is looking for, but we will work hard to make sure that no matter how many revisions, we make the client happy! Then we get to the fun part!! We schedule the job and get to wrapping. By far our favorite part is seeing the look on the client’s face when their design is realized in person!

Brand Consistency

Here at Picture This Advertising, when you come to talk to us about a wrap or anything for your business, one thing you will hear repeated is brand consistency. We want what we do for you to help your business. If you have a different look for everything for your business(vehicle wrap, business cards, outdoor signage. etc.) it will not look nearly as professional as if everything has brand consistency. See the above picture of Comeback Restoration’s Fleet for an example. When you check that out you will see that the two box trucks, the back window of the pickup, and the building signage are all consistent and recognizable. This is what we want for your business. Stop by today and let Picture This Advertising help you look as professional as possible!

Elements of Successful Advertising

Advertising is something most businesses do to ensure growth and sales but, what is successful advertising? Picture This Advertising has put together some of our top tips for successful advertising.

1. Know Your Audience
If we were putting together a campaign for a bouquet of flowers, we wouldn’t place that ad on a box of allergy medicine. However, an ad for the new ice cream shop in town would be well placed next to a playground. Make sure you are placing your advertisement in a place that your target audience will frequent. The best thing about vehicle wraps is that the target audience will see if you can guarantee. Possibly people who did not even know they were looking for that product or service will see it and call!

sweet rolls full vehicle wrap
sweet rolls full vehicle wrap

2. Invest in Quality
If you put out your advertisement and a month later it is tattered and worn, people will think that you do not care about your business. Quality even over quantity in this situation will make a big difference. That is why on our vehicle wraps at Picture This Advertising we use 3M materials. As one of only two 3M certified installers in Louisiana, we can offer the high quality of 3M vinyls and the peace of mind with a 3 year warranty on our wraps.

swerve bus wrap
swerve bus wrap

3. Less is More
When we see a paragraph next to an image, our eyes will always catch the image first. That applies to successful advertising as well. If you can explain your entire business in one picture, do it! Your logo should be memorable and your advertisement should explain your business with as few words as possible! Most people will use a search engine to find your business, so all of your contact info is not necessary, just be memorable. If you own a cleaning service, show someone cleaning. The audience will know what you do and, with a memorable logo, be able to find your business online to give you a call.

Mcdonalds moving billboard
Mcdonalds moving billboard

4. Track what works
Our last tip is to track what works. If you can, ask your customer how they heard of you and if they saw your wrap as opposed to your tv commercial, make a note and then use what works. Studies show that for every $1 spent on a wrap, you can generate an average of 2,520 impressions. That is a lot of bang for your buck!

zone 8 truck wrap
zone 8 truck wrap

We hope this helps you make the best possible decision on how to have a successful advertising campaign for your business!

Full Trailer Wrap

Check out this awesome full trailer wrap for St. Paul’s football team! Love how cool this came out! Check out our Gallery for some other amazing wraps we have done Picture This is here for any wrap you can think of, from a full wrap to a couple of decals, we have got you covered!

St Paul Football Full Trailer Wrap
St Paul Football Full Trailer Wrap

Partial Van Wrap- Dante Ultimate Cleaning

New partial van wrap for the ever professional Dante Ultimate Cleaning of New Orleans. Another amazing example of a partial wrap with a HUGE impact! Here at Picture This Advertising, we love working with professionals trying to grow their business!

Dante ultimate cleaning partial van wrap
Dante ultimate cleaning partial van wrap
Contact Dante @ 504.881.4858 for all your professional cleaning needs.

Moving Billboards- Why are they more effective?

It is hard to know how long advertising has really been around. However, we do know for sure that it was around in ancient Egypt to make sure new laws were publicized. Then with the invention of the printing press and beyond, advertising has only improved and gained popularity. Now, we have ads everywhere, from our computers to our streets, and in more recent years, ads have become more interesting than ever. Along the side of most major highways and interstates, you see billboards. These change infrequently and are easy to forget. With the influx of advertisement, having a forgettable sign, is just a waste of money. People need variety and stimulation with marketing and you only have about 5-10 seconds to grab the attention of your consumer. So, when a billboard can be passed by in that amount of time, what is there to do? Moving Billboards.

Vehicle wraps, trailer wraps, and large decals, depending on your budget, can have a tremendous impact on the consumer! Studies show 95% of Americans respond to media found on vehicles and that a wrap generates about 2,520 impressions per dollar spent on it. Depending on where you drive, a wrap can generate between 30,000 and 70,000 impressions. In addition to that 29% of consumers say they make purchases based on graphics they remember. On top of all that 97% of Americans remember ads placed on vehicles as opposed to 20% of people that remember ads placed on billboards. That is an astonishing 77% increase! We want to make sure you get the most impact for your dollar, please give us a call and let us help you grow your business.

We know you have more questions and we are happy to answer them. Here are a few of our Frequently Asked Questions

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professional heating and air wrap
professional heating and air wrap

Branding your Business

With so many ways to get your message out there, it can be hard to know the right one for your growing business. The team at Picture This is here to help! Stop by or call us today and let our team give you an assist! Many times we can transform your existing assets into branding opportunities. Picture This Advertising is here for any and all of your printing needs so you can get focus on building your business while we focus on branding your business!
Check out our Gallery for an idea of just what we can do for you and your business

Picture This Advertising, for all your printing needs.
For all of your printing needs

Fleet Vehicle Vinyl Wrap for St Tammany Area Transit

Picture This Advertising is here for all of your vinyl wrap needs. Whether you need to wrap an entire fleet of vehicles or take it slow one vehicle wrap at a time, Picture this has got you Covered.

Fleet wrap for GO STAT St Tammany Area Transit

Full Church Trailer Wrap for Renew Church of Baton Rouge, Louisiana

Just completed a new full trailer wrap for Checkerz and his group at the Renew Church of Baton Rouge.

Church Trailer Wrap
Full Trailer Wrap for Renew Church

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