We can create custom-made tethered helium blimps, remote control helium blimps, mini helium blimps, and full sized helium blimps.
Available Sizes of helium blimps are:

Custom RC Blimps available sizes:
8′ Long, 10′ Long, 11′ Long, 15′ Long, 20′ LongIMG_83

All of our blimps are made of polyester taffeta that is especially coated for helium blimps and thus has less chances of leakage in contrast to the standard PVC material. Moreover, polyester taffeta has better durability for helium blimps and its lightweight requires less quantity of helium which saves on the overall operational cost.  Helium blimps can be often seen at trade shows, promotional exhibits, marketing displays, height visibility, parades, retail fronts and for indoor and outdoor attention. Helium blimps products serve as excellent modes of advertising or promoting an event, products, brand name, sales and business.

The best aspect about these helium blimps is that they can be seen from a faraway distance depending upon their size and the height at which they are flown. Custom helium blimps provided by us are offered in fabulous designs and can be made in any sizes and colors as demanded by our clients. In fact, our experts are there to guide you regarding the best suited option

Advertising Blimp Features:IMG_083

  • Easy Setup
  • Includes Everything Except Helium
  • Durable PVC Material
  • Many Sizes Available
  • Many Fin And Body Colors  Available
  • Custom Decorated With Any Text Or Logo
  • Perfect For Special Events, such as Trade Shows and Sporting Events

Advertising Blimps Include everything you need to flyIMG_084

  • 4 Channel FM Remote Control & Receiver
  • Duel Main Motors & Tailfin Motor
  • 2 Batteries & Battery Charger
  • Remote Control Drop Mechanism