Barricade Graphics



Barricade Graphics:

Make Any Unused Space a Marketing Canvas with Barricade Graphics!

Custom Barricade Graphics, A.K.A. Barricade Cover, Crowd Control Covers, orBarrier Jackets are the hit of any parade!  What better way to transform unattractive barricadesinto the ideal advertising medium.Picture This Advertising offers custom graphic covers to fit any barricade. Barricade Graphics are the best way to get your message to the masses by posting it on

the barricades that run the stretch of nearly every event.  Perfect for races, parades,festivals, sporting events, concerts,or any other gatherings, all while providing a safe environment and eye-catching graphics for event sponsors?  Our custom madebarricade covers can be made of nearlyanyfabric and serve multiple purposes including

company branding, sponsor identification or simply dressing up the crowd barriers.These crowd control covers come in a variety of fit options.  From the custom sewn covers to fit your exact barricade unit to a continues seamless run covers.  We also provide multifit covers that accommodate various sized units from event to event.

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We also provide blank barricade covers in many colors starting at only $45.00

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