Vehicle Wraps, Barricade Covers, & Creative Advertising, OH MY! 

Let Us Transform Your Surface Into A Marketing Opportunity.

Picture This Advertising offers creative media that get your message noticed using unique guerrilla marketing ideas and unconventional items such as barricade covers, vehicle wraps, inflatable billboards, aqua ads, and much more.

Traditional advertisements got us into the 21st century, but with so many ads coming at consumers from all angles, the same old methods simply don’t stand out anymore. Web ads get ignored, billboards are just part of the scenery, and your customers used their DVRs to fast-forward through your last TV commercial. Established methods of advertising had their run, but it’s time to let them live out their golden years playing shuffleboard and watching the History Channel.

We specialize in creative and nontraditional advertising / guerrilla marketing products and services. Browse through our ever-growing services and products such as our vehicle wraps, elevator wraps, inflatable billboards, pressure washing ads, barricade covers, concrete graphics and more.

Barricade Covers

Barricade Covers, A.K.A. Barricade Graphic, Barrier Jackets, Crowd Control Covers,or Bike Rack Covers, are the hit of any parade!

Vehicle Wraps & Graphics

Really drive your message home with wraps. We can put your message on vehicles, walls, floors, buildings, virtually anywhere.

Printing and Creative Advertising

Attract more attention and be remembered by using the most creative and fun advertising you have ever seen.

Key Performance Measurements

  • Can not be turned off
  • Is not cluttered with other ads
  • Hit audiences while out of home
  • Target your specific market
  • Less cost than other medias
  • Impossible to ignore
  • More fun than standard ads
  • Mobile to conform to events
  • Higher customer recall
  • Works great when combined with other ads

Think Outside The Billboard

We are proud to offer our services nationwide, we are even more proud to be from New Orleans LA, and consider it an honor to provide the entire Gulf Coast Region with some of the best mediums and vinyl wraps around. With special emphasis in Covington, Hammond, Mandeville, Slidell, New Orleans, Venice, Baton Rouge, and Venice to Gulf Coast AL and Pensacola FL.

Some of The Companies We Are Proud To Have Worked With